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When the user tries to submit an XML sitemap to google then the error can occur “Your sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead.

To solve your issue you need to disable XML styling in your OSMap settings; Google expects sitemap settings in the following formats;

  • XML
  • RSS
  • Text
  • Google sites


Here are the reasons why it gets messy

  • This error can occur because the browser allows you to turn XML files into more human-readable formats. OSMap implements this feature by default. To a user, it appears like HTML by the source code is in XML.
  • One of the Joomla legacy SEO features is the ability to add .html at the end of URLs.
  • When the google discovers .html at the end of your page URL and a prettified XML, its result will be in false negatives.
  • Google system thinks that it is not an XML file but in reading it is an XML file.


To solve this you need to follow the below steps;

  • Create a new hidden menu item of type OSMap -> Sitemap XML format.
  • From the menu settings, set the Add Styling parameter to option No.
  • Then submit the URL of that menu item and it should work in google.
3,890 points
11 5 2