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As we know C++ is a programming language grown from the language C. Although they share similarities. But C, C++, C# are the programming languages targets different fields of the market. We can use both C# and C++ for game development. But the question is what should we use and which one is better? This article is going to enlighten that question.

Differences between C# and C++

We don’t need to compile C# since C# is turned into simpler code using CLR.On the other hand to convert C++ to machine code we have to use a special program called compiler.
C# provides automatic garbage collection for memory allocation. So memory management in C# is a lot easier.C++ does not offer any kind of support for memory management. We have to manage it yourself. Hence memory management in C++ is hard.
C# does not allow multiple inheritance. Developers of C# decided it to prevent ambiguity.C++ allows multiple inheritance and in C++ there is no limitation of the number of use-cases. Which makes C++ a lot faster for quick  performance.
C# is mostly used on windows operating systems, specially for .NET framework.C++ does not have any limitations of an operating system.

Which is better for game development?

We can create games using both C# and C++. However professionals prefer C++ for game development because C++ has better control over hardware of PC or server. We can create games using engines without thinking about but those engines are built over C++ since C++ is lot faster.
Hope you got your answer.
1,160 points
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