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1) What is VMware and what are their benefits?

VMware provides different applications and software for virtualization.  VMware products are categorized into two levels, desktop applications, and Server applications.

It is useful for:

  • Running multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer

  • Consolidate hardware to get vastly higher productivity from fewer servers

  • Save more than 50% of total cost spend on IT

  • It simplifies IT management and speeds up the deployment of new applications.

2. What are the different types of virtualization available?

Different types of virtualization available are

  • Application virtualization

  • Presentation virtualization

  • Network virtualization

  • Storage virtualization

3. Mention different types of server software do VMware provides?

VMware provides three different types of server software

  • VMware ESX Server

  • VMware ESXi Server

  • VMware Server

4. Explain what is hypervisor ?

A hypervisor is a program that enables multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host.  Each operating system has the host’s processor, memory and other resources all to itself.  The hypervisor controls the resources and host processor, allocating what is required for each operating system in turn and make sure that the guest operating system cannot disrupt each other.

5. Explain VMware DRS?

VMware DRS stands for Distributed Resource Scheduler; it dynamically balances resources across various host under a cluster or resource pool.  It enables users to determine the rules and policies which decide how virtual machines deploy resources, and these resources should be prioritized to multiple virtual machines.

6.What is VMware vCenter?

VMware vCenter server may be a centralized management application that enables you to manage virtual machines and ESXi hosts centrally. vSphere consumer is employed to accessvCenter Server and ultimately manage ESXi servers. … for instance, you’ll be able to simply clone existing virtual machine in vCenter server.

7.What is a VM host server?

a bunch virtual machine is that the server element of a virtual machine (VM), the underlying hardware that gives computing resources to support a specific guest virtual machine (guest VM). … The guest VM is Associate in Nursing freelance instance of Associate in Nursing software system and associated computer code and data.

8. What is FT logging traffic?

FT logging is one of the options in VMKernel port setting which is more or less the same as enabling vmotion option in the vmkernel port.

9. Name different components used in VMware infrastructure?

Different components used in VMware infrastructure includes

  • It consists of the lowest layer which acts as an ESX server host

  • It also uses the virtual center server which keeps tracks of all the VM associated images and manages it from one point

  • VMWare infrastructure client, it enables the client to communicate with user’s applications that are running on VMware

  • Web-browser is used to access the virtual machines

  • The license server is used to prepare a server which provides licensing to the applications

  • Database servers are availed to maintain a database

10. Explain vCloud Suite? What are the storage and availability in vCloud Suite?

vCloud Suite combines with multiple VMware components to give a complete set of cloud infrastructure capabilities in a single package, including virtualization, software-defined datacenter services, disaster recovery, application management, etc.

The storage and availability in vCloud Computing Suite includes

  • Storage DRS:It place and load balance virtual machines based on storage capacity and I/O latency

  • Storage vMotion:It employs proactive, non-disruptive storage migration to reduce virtual machine storage I/O bottlenecks and free up valuable storage capacity

  • Application HA:It gains high availability that is bound to specific applications

  • Data Protection: Based on EMC avamar, it deploys a back-up and recovery tool

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