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To configure a new instance of SQL Server ® 2012 or SQL Server ® 2012 Express, purchase the installation media. Run the installation wizard and follow the instructions below:

1. Click Settings . 

2. In the menu on the left, click Settings . 

3. Click New SQL Server Standalone Installation or Add Features to Existing Installation . 

4. Trust that the establishment wizard will check for the most recent updates. Click Next . 

5. The establishment will currently go through the Auxiliary Rules wizard of the establishment program. Click OK when the activity is finished. 

6. On the Installation Type screen, select Perform another establishment of SQL Server 2012 . 

7. On the Product Key screen, enter your permit key. Unless your association requires something other than what's expected to meet the authorizing necessities, it should be a similar key as the permit key of the first introduced example of SQL Server. 


On account of SQL Server Express, this screen won't be accessible as it is free. 

8. Peruse the License Agreement End -  User and click I acknowledge the permit terms and Next . 

9. Select SQL Server Features Installation and click Next . 


This screen is just accessible for SQL Server and not for SQL Server Express. For SQL Server Express, go to the subsequent stage. 

Select the highlights you need to introduce. 

10. On the Feature Selection screen, select the parts to introduce:

  • Database Engine Services
  • SQL Server replication
  • Semantic and full-text extracts for search
  • Data quality services


For SQL Server Express, introduce the rundown of features; they will be considerably less than those appeared in this screen capture. 

11. Click Next . The wizard will run another standard check under Installation Rules. Click Next . 

12. Select Named Instance and type the name of the new SQL Server instance. This name ought to be enlightening and simple to recognize. It will be utilized to get to the made instance. For example, NEW_INSTANCE . Click Next . 

13. Trust that the establishment wizard will finish the circle space requirements. Click Next . 

Set the startup kind of the help to begin naturally. 

14. The Server Configuration exchange permits you to arrange the occurrence benefits that you need to run automatically. Change all administrations to Automatic. Click Next . 

15. On the Database Engine Configuration screen, select Mixed Mode (SQL Server and Windows Authentication) . 

16. (Discretionary) Specify a secret key for the SQL Server framework chairman (sa). 

17. Click Add current user to add the client you are associated with or the Add…  button to add a particular record for this purpose. Once finished, click Next . 

18. On the Error Report screen, click Next . 

19. The last standard check window guarantees that all the data entered above will permit the establishment of the new occurrence of SQL Server to succeed. Review the necessary data and click Next . 

20. Click Install . The establishment interaction will take pretty much time contingent upon the assets accessible. 

Audit the status of the establishment. 

21. At the point when the establishment is finished, click Close .

97,230 points
11 6 5