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An attribute in Python means some property that is associated with a particular type of object . In other words, the attributes of a given object are the data and abilities that each object type inherently possesses . Attribute errors in Python are generally raised when you try to access or call an attribute that a particular object type doesn't possess

Module object has no attribute:

It's basically on the grounds that there is no quality with the name you called, for that Object. This implies that you got the mistake when the "module" doesn't contain the strategy you are calling. Yet, it is apparent that the strategy is there, which persuades that might be the technique was added by you in the source code after you had effectively imported the record (module). Or on the other hand, a few times bundles get expostulated and they rename a few capacities. Assuming that is valid, you might need to exit and reimport the module by and by to have the option to get to the new technique . 

You can do it in another manner to reimport the module with changes without exitting the translator is to do the accompanying: 

In the event that you are utilizing python 3.2 or 3.3 you ought to: 

  • import pixie 

  • imp.reload(myModule) 

Assuming running Python 3.4 and up, do import importlib, do: 

  • import importlib 

  • importlib.reload(myModule) 

The importlib.reload() technique reload a formerly imported module. The contention should be a module object, so it more likely than not been effectively imported previously . This strategy is valuable on the off chance that you have altered the module source document utilizing an outer proofreader and need to evaluate the new form without leaving the Python translator . 

At whatever point you get this blunder simply check there's no spelling botch. What's more, in fact that item has this property related with. A few times bundles get censured and they rename a few capacities.

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