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Using lists in Python makes many of our tasks easier. If you know of other programming languages, c, c #, java, rubi, use arrays in squares bracket, but in Python, squares in brackets list  Used. The list helps to deal with very large data. We can store any data type in the list. And the pre_define function that we have to add at the end of the list, we can add from the append function.  List which is very common in programming language. Now programmers mostly use Python. And list is used more. Different methods are used to show the existence of all the elements in the list. All data type can be stored in the list.

List is a significant holder in python as though stores components of all the datatypes as an assortment. Information on certain rundown activities is fundamental for day-day programming. This article examines one of the fundamental rundown activities of approaches to check the presence of components in the list.
In Naive strategy, one effectively utilizes a circle that emphasizes through every one of the components to check the presence of the objective component. This is the most straightforward approach to check the presence of the component in the list.

Python is the most regular approach to check if a component exists in a rundown or not. This specific way returns True if a component exists in the rundown and False if the component doesn't exist in the rundown. Rundown need not be arranged to rehearse this methodology of checking.

# Initializing list 

test_list_set = [ 1, 6, 3, 5, 3, 4 ]

test_list_bisect = [ 1, 6, 3, 5, 3, 4 ]
print("Checking if 4 exists in list ( using set() + in) : ")

test_list_set = set(test_list_set)

if 4 in test_list_set :

    print ("Element Exists")

print("Checking if 4 exists in list ( using sort() + bisect_left() ) : ")
# Checking if 4 exists in list 
# using sort() + bisect_left()

if bisect_left(test_list_bisect, 4):

    print ("Element Exists")


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