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AI project in python


One of the things you must have to learn Python is time. We are using artificial intelligence to change this world. And to get this support we need to know programming language and  It is important to learn the language because the computer understands the language of 0's and 1's. We have to talk to the computer first to become very proficient.  All the codes in the English language are very simple. Scientists have created this Python language because you can understand English well and all its codes are in English.  This is a language that even a small child can learn in 3 months. There are free courses from Google that give you a lot of information about Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays it is being taught in schools, colleges and institutions. This language is free.  It works. If you want to create a website, it has a lot of libraries. It has a lot of developers.

AI project in python

  1. Build a prediction model using decision trees and random forest.
  2. Use neural( Networks),( decision trees, )and random forests for classification.
  3. Detect YouTube comment spam with a bag-of-words and random forest.
  4. Identify handwrittenMathematical symbols with convolutional neural Network.
  5. revise the bird species identifier to use image.

Friends, when computers were made, the main purpose of making them was to reduce the worries of human beings. What we used to do with our hands, now we don't have to work with our hands. Now all our work is done by our computers.  We can say a program that automatically thinks about what to do. Just like our brain controls the whole body, robots look like plastic and steel, but they have such code or program inside them.  There are robots that control the house. Nowadays robots are being made to clean the house. And a car has also been made that travels with the help of Google map. It takes you to your original location.  There is no need for a driver in such a car. Similarly, many diseases are also known. Similarly, Google, YouTube, Amazon all work on artificial intelligence.

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