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If  buttоn1  is  а  jbuttоn  оbjeсt,  hоw  we  will  mаke  its  bасkgrоund  blue?Jаvа  JButtоnThe  JButtоn  сlаss  is  used  tо  сreаte  а  lаbel...
posted Sep 2 sakshi 955 points
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This article will demonstrate how to set the background color using jQuery, use the jQuery css() propertyYou can try to run the following color to set background color in jQuery.Method No 1:The below method uses jQuery’s css() method to se...
posted Aug 15 ahsanhanif99 202 points
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Have you ever tried setting the background image on an entire page in HTML using the height and width property? If yes, you must have got a blurred image i.e. the image whose pixels have been burst. In this article, we are going to see an altern...
posted Jul 31 Hafsa_Rao 390 points
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Background images are what make our website look beautiful, but if we use bad background images, it can have a negative effect on our website. In this article, we're going to give you some examples of good and bad backgrounds.Let's make ...
posted Jul 11 amna 2,525 points
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**What is background** ------------------ The background is also the interior extension of a building or the interior or backyard of the house : “Welcome, please come in: Martín is in the background” , “The best thing about this house is that it has...
posted Jul 3 amna 2,525 points
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​Аdd  а  bасkgrоund  Imаge  in  Bооtstrар Сreаte resроnsive  bасkgrоund  imаge оn  аny  element  withоut  аny  СSS  соde.  Just  аdd .bg-img сlаss &nb...
posted Jul 1 sakshi 955 points
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This post is oriented to the application of a code fragment in the JAVA programming language , whose function is to change the background color of a JFrame and a JPanel : Form constructor method (JFrame):jPanel1.setBackg...
posted Jun 25 amna 2,525 points
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How to change the background color in javascript I agree with the previous poster that changing the color by className is a prettier approach. My argument however is that a className can be regarded as a definition of "w...
posted May 22 Sanjana Sagar 399 points
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It is no secret to anyone that the YouTube mobile app does not allow its users to play videos in the background of your devices. This can be quite annoying, as there are millions of videos available on the platform whose audio is what ...
posted Apr 14 amna 2,525 points
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