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Box-shadow property usually uses four or three parameters for creating the shadow outside of the box.X coordinateY coordinateBlurColor#btn1 { box-shadow: 9px 10px 7px red; }But inset keyword used when we want shadow inside the box.In other words, y...
posted May 2 sanchi 100 points
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There are many ways to integrate 5 CSS files into your site are follows:- You can use <link> tag in HTML for linking the CSS file like this:<head> <link href="style1.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <link href...
posted May 2 sanchi 100 points
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While i was learning CSS, this question was raised in my mind and confused me at same time.These kind of questions will definately dig your head if you are a beginner and willingly to learn something.So, I am here on KodLogs will dicuss about re...
posted May 2 sanchi 100 points
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Text-shadow is a CSS property which adds shadow to text.It is used for styling the text.It accepts a comma-separated list of shadows to be applied to the text and any of its decorations. Each shadow is determined by the combination of ...
posted May 1 sanchi 100 points
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Difference between CSS and CSS3CSS works with HTML and provides a basic style and look to the website. CSS3 is the latest version of CSS. CSS3 provides JavaScript and mobile development features with additional features such as&nb...
posted Jan 17 tishan210 24,470 points
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1. What benefits and demerits do External Style Sheets have? Benefits:One file can be used to control multiple documents having different styles.Multiple HTML elements can have many documents, which can have classes.To group styles in ...
posted Jan 11 tishan210 24,470 points
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