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**Problem:** ======== I have very good knowledge of r, **ggplot**, and **Unix**. I am now a days trying to analyze the dataset of the **GSR** values. I had first transformed all my the required **Unix** values into the readable data and after that, ...
posted Nov 10 Alecxe01 807 points
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**Problem:** ======== Hi, I am learning **PHP** time and date format and I want to learn how to set the default date time zone. I want someone to explain the **date_default_timzone_set** function. Thanks Solution: --------- Hi, I found that you...
posted Nov 7 Alecxe01 807 points
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You want to set the system time with the date command to utc time. which date option should you use?The Javascript date can be converted to UTC by using functions present in Javascript Date object.The toUTCString() method is used to convert a Date ob...
posted Sep 4 sakshi 955 points
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Introduction time zone:Today we are going to talk about time. Every country needs a standard time. Because our earth revolves around the sun. I found out about this when my sister went to America. When she was there.  He stayed and was busy, he ...
posted Sep 1 Sitara khan 70 points
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Convert string to date in javaIn this article, we will learn how to convert string to date in java in yyyy-mm-dd format using the parse() method of DateFormat and SimpleDateFormat classes.Example No 1: import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; import...
posted Aug 5 usmanhashmi 211 points
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Introduction to programming languages using python exerciseIn this article, we will discuss programming languages using the python exercises. The most way we will learn anything else using this;PracticeExercise Questions Uses of Python lang...
posted Aug 4 usmanhashmi 211 points
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Some times web applications are needed to show the age of the user from the date of birth. Here is the short tutorial which will guide how we can calculate the age from the date of birth.$dateOfBirth = "17-10-1985"; $today = date("Y-m-d"); $diff = ...
posted May 1, 2020 Farkhanda Athar 0 points
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