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▪ Introduction C language : Today's question is very important in which we will learn how to use normal function and static function in C language while learning programming language.C++ is a programing language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 197...
posted Sep 13 Tania 937 points
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## Welcome back! So I recently looked into Serverless functions or Lambda functions and I learned them. They can be extremely useful when building an app that is fully front-end and there are chances to expose API keys and so on. So today we'll b...
posted Sep 7 Max Programming 7 points
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Python provides the sum() function that can help you to calculate the sum of numbers or any series of numbers like list.Let’s find a sum of the list in Python :-To find a sum of the list in Python, use the sum() method. The sum() is a built-in method...
posted Sep 5 Govind Potdar 24 points
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 Structures and Functions in C:I take a word num. If I want to access num, I will write something like this: ez1.num.  Now if we want to save a value in this member, we have to write something like this: ez1.num = 2; or = 'z...
posted Sep 4 Sitara khan 70 points
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А  ________  is  а  reusаble  blосk  оf  jаvаsсriрt  stаtements.А  funсtiоn  is  а  reusаble  blосk  оf  jаvаsсriрt  stаtements, аllоw  yоu  tо  stоre ...
posted Aug 28 sakshi 955 points
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JavaScript is used to add interactivity to web pages and to make them dynamic. There are many event methods that we can call on different elements to perform certain actions. One of those event methods is the onchange() event. In this article, we are...
posted Aug 27 Hafsa_Rao 390 points
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Methods and functions are generally thought of as the same concepts and these terms are used interchangeably. But, do you know there is a little difference in both? In this article, we are going to see the difference between these two mechanisms...
posted Aug 19 Hafsa_Rao 390 points
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In this article, we are going to see how to add two numbers entered by a user in the textboxes using JavaScript. First of all, we will create out webpage using HTML, and then we will create functions in JavaScript to perform operations on the data.Cr...
posted Aug 18 Hafsa_Rao 390 points
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Function in C language with exampleIn this article, we learn functions in C language programming. A function is a block of statements and performs a specific every call. If you write C code and use a single same task to perform multiple times then us...
posted Jul 31 usmanhashmi 211 points
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