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А  ____________  in  а  соnditiоnаl  stаtement  сheсks  tо  see  if  а  stаtement  is  true  оr  fаlse  in  рhрРHР  Соnditiоnаl  StаtementsLike  mоst&...
posted Aug 28 sakshi 955 points
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CONDITIONS IN PYTHON PYTHON WELCOMING YOU TO ITS CONDITIONS So till now in your python journey, you people have pretty much idea of what is python, its importance, and how you can print your name that’s the proof that you a...
posted Aug 7 Riya Bisht 7 points
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I. INTRODUCTIONMany newcomers to programming have to do excercises which involve checking if a given input is even or odd. In this article, I will guide you to overcome such exercises. So let’s begin !In Python, you can use the modulo operator ...
posted Aug 3 hhh98hd 226 points
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**if statement in python** ---------------------- The "If" statement begins with the "if" keyword followed by the condition. First of all, we must understand that in Python we use indentation (white space at the beginning of a line) to define the sc...
posted Jul 1 amna 2,525 points
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C++ like other programming languages has syntax for writing conditional statements. Conditional statements are basically lines of code used to evaluate a logically relational operation like for example checking if an integer variable is equal to 10 o...
posted Nov 4, 2020 Faizan
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C++ programming allows the programmer to end a program or function before its normal termination. If conditions are used to test conditions in loops and iterations. A user can end program when the conditions matches the conditions of the if statement...
posted Sep 6, 2020 Lalit Kumar 0 points
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Requirements :1. Checkbox "Names” must be unique to each checkbox2. Radio button "Names” must be identical for each group buttonsSolution:STEP 1: See the below example code<form action="php-forms-get-post-checkbox-radio-data....
posted May 14, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 576 points
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Today we will see how to retrieve data from a database into a form.The in below is the code for retrieve data from database in html form.Solution:Code:if (isset($_POST['retrieverose'])) { //detect if we have errors or not $errors = false;...
posted May 9, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 576 points
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