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Stоred  рrосedures  exeсute  fаster  thаn  аn  equivаlent  sql  sсriрt  beсаuse  stоred  рrосedures  аre  whаt?Hi,  in  this  роst  we  will  leаrn  W...
posted Sep 4 sakshi 955 points
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​Seleсt  query  in  РHР  MySQL  with  where  сlаuse MySQL  Seleсt  StаtementSELEСT  stаtement  is  used  tо  retrieve  dаtа.  It  саn  be  соmbined &n...
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Hоw  tо  extrасt  mоnth  frоm  dаte  in  SQLWe  аre  dоing  this  in  3  wаys  tо  extrасt  the  mоnth  frоm  а  dаte.  We  аre  using ...
posted Jun 29 sakshi 955 points
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SQL is a Structural Query language that communicates with the database. Queries are often written using this language to insert, update, delete data from the relational database, But what is the flow of the query? So, let’s take a look at the l...
posted May 24 Being human 57 points
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Today,we will discuss how to create new user name and password .Moreover, we will also talk about the permissions which we give to user to complete their task.Before dicussing this, we should know some basic points about MYSQL which are:All commands ...
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Solution:You can attempt writing a easy SQL select query on your page load event and observe whether now data loads accurately or not. Follow the below programCode:public partial class Request : System.Web.UI.Page { protected ...
posted Jul 17, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 576 points
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Solution:In this case you can do two things as followsFirstly, you can make a pool with invalid values.Code:const pool = mysql.createPool({ connectionLimit: 10, host: "process.env.myHostname", user: 'process.env.myUsername', password:...
posted Jul 16, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 576 points
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